Evidence Based Research related to the Operating Room

Evidence Based Research related to the Operating Room

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This task really centers on B1 and B5, the problem and the recommendation. You are going to choose a nursing topic that you recognize as a problem in healthcare (one that nurses can improve). Then you will search for ten research articles, less than 10 years old (a body of evidence all telling us what nursing action will fix or reduce the problem). In the B5 section you will recommend a nursing strategy or action that will reduce or eliminate the problem. The whole paper revolves around those two sections. All of your articles will be on that topic and support your nursing strategy. The nursing strategy may be bundled or comprehensive, encompassing more than one evidence based recommendation.

Here are common questions related to task one:

1. What should I use for a topic?
You may want to choose a topic that you are passionate about, or you may want to choose a topic that can be researched quickly. Sometimes we find that our topics do not have a great deal of recent research available and we have to choose again. Try taking two topics to the library for a federated database search and see what brings you the most results. We have additional assistance in the Study Guide for choosing a topic. Whatever you pick, remember that your solution must be nurse-sensitive. DO NOT choose a topic you need a physician’s order to change. This is about nursing practice. Please note that you may want to consider using the same topic for task one and task two. This is certainly possible, though there are differences between the two tasks. Review the Help Document for task two before deciding.

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