Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

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Like your first assignment, this assignment also has two distinct parts. For Part 1, you will create an educational program, event, or piece of literature (such as a like a pamphlet) targeted at a diverse population that incorporates best health promotion and disease prevention practice. If the population you used for the health assessment and communication assessment is diverse, you can use that population and the health concerns you identified.

In this component, you will demonstrate your proficiency in Program Outcomes 7, 8, and 10:

Program Outcome 7: Health Promotion and Disease Prevention: Apply and incorporate a basic understanding of the concepts of health promotion and disease as a means of improving health at the individual, population, and community levels.
Program Outcome 8: Diversity: Incorporate a holistic, caring, culturally appropriate nursing approach that contributes to the wellness and the health of individuals, groups, and vulnerable populations.
Program Outcome 10: Global Accountability and Public Service: Integrate a holistic approach to local, regional, national, and global dynamics in nursing healthcare system delivery.
To prepare for this part of the assignment:

Review the literature or use health assessments to determine healthcare needs of a diverse population in your community.
Explore things that could influence success, such as cultural attitudes towards alternative forms of healing, religious beliefs, or other individuals.
Examine the impact of current health promotion and wellness initiatives on health outcomes and health disparities.

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