What, according to Noddings, do male philosophers tend to say about death (as opposed to women)? (Points : 1) Men are more brave in the face of death than women because of their natural courageousness

What, according to Noddings, do male philosophers tend to say about death (as opposed to women)? (Points : 1)
Men are more brave in the face of death than women because of their natural courageousness


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Question 1. 1. According to Caroline Heldman, which of the following is a question that applies to her sexual object test? (Points : 1)
Does the image show people having sex?

Does the image show a person as something that can be bought or sold?

Does the image display a full image of a woman?

Does the image display violence against people in the image?

Question 2. 2. According to Gilligan, stages five and six of Kohlberg’s analysis of moral development involve (Points : 1)
an egocentric understanding of fairness

shared conventions of societal agreement

a logic of equality and reciprocity

a disposition of emotional affectivity

Question 3. 3. In Held’s article, a thinker named Annette Baier claims that the history of Western ethical thought does not take into account feminine aspects because (Points : 1)
The great moral theorists were men who had little intimate interaction with women.

The great moral theorists were often loving husbands.

The great moral theorists hated women.

The great moral theorists
Question 4. 4. What, according to Noddings, do male philosophers tend to say about death (as opposed to women)? (Points : 1)
Men are more brave in the face of death than women because of their natural courageousness

Death tends to be harder on men due to their attachments to the glory of this world

Women are more able to allow their faith in the afterlife overcome their aversion to death

Male philosophers often talk as though the world or reason and abstraction is superior to the physical world of the body
Question 5. 5. In Gilligan’s article, the example of Heinz involves which crime (Points ????



Question 6. 6. According to Held, the following have been aligned with femininity in the history of Western thought (Points : 1)



all of the above
Question 7. 7. Gilligan claims that females tend to see relationships as these (Points ????




Question 8. 8. According to Colin Stokes, in this film all the heroic, wise, and villainous characters are female (Points ????
The Little Mermaid
Star Wars
The Wizard of Oz
Les Miserables
Question 9. 9. Held claims that this abstract concept has guided the development of Western ethics (Points : 1)
The man of reason
The feminist woman
The child of love
The mother of care
Question 10. 10. What does Noddings say about women’s feelings about the death of the body? (Points : 1)
Women, more than anyone, just want to know that the soul of their child has gone to heaven

Women know the preciousness of the body because they create them and care for them

Women are happy not to have to deal with the messiness of dead bodies

Men tend to be more sensitive to the death of the body since they are the ones that have to risk their own lives in war
Question 11. 11. In the video “Sexism in the News Media 2012” some newscasters blame military women for this (Points : 1)
being killed in combat
being raped
being war heroes
not being able to have children
Question 12. 12. In Gilligan’s example, the child named Amy focuses on this aspect of the Heinz dilemma (Points ????
the logical nature of the problem

a utilitarian calculus that weighs the options

Kohlberg’s theory of moral development

the relationships involved in the dilemma
Question 13. 13. According to psychiatric studies, which of the following has been discovered about the relationship between criminal violence and childhood abuse? (Points : 1)
Criminal violence follows childhood abuse equally in males and females

Women are more likely to commit criminal violence if the childhood abuse was at a younger age

When criminal violence follows childhood abuse it is almost always in males

No correlation has been found at all between criminal violence and childhood abuse
Question 14. 14. What does Noddings have to say about essentialism about gender? (Points : 1)
It is the clearly false view that men and women have essences

It is problematic because it has been associated with creation and because it has always favored males over females

It wrongly assumes that God could not have made us in ways that were contrary to our ‘essential nature’

Culture is irrelevant; all of our behaviors are innate
Question 15. 15. This is the name of the female goddess to which young girls are dedicated and then forced into prostitution in India (Points : 1)



Question 16. 16. Held uses this example to talk about the political distinctions that separate men and women in the realms of the public and the private (Points : 1)
a business man going out for cocktails

a mother nursing her child

a city planner developing a building

a mother homeschooling her children
Question 17. 17. This is the name for prostitutes in India who have been dedicated to a female goddess (Points : 1



Question 18. 18. This is one way that men can contribute to the destruction of sexual objectification of women (Points : 1)
they can be kind to women

they can tell women that they are attractive

they can stop seeking attention

they can stop evaluating women based on their looks
Question 19. 19. Which answer best describes Noddings’s statements about how mothers frequently to feel about losing their children in war? (Points : 1)
Mothers rest assured that the deaths of their children was fully justified by the good they did in the war

Mothers often allow their desire to demonstrate patriotism to override their natural opposition to war and the death of their children

Mothers universally oppose war and the death of children that it inevitably brings

Mothers are generally more enthusiastic for war than anyone else because they know it will make the world safer for future generations
Question 20. 20. What does NelNoddings say about rates of violent crime among men and women? (Points : 1)
Men are naturally much more violence prone than women

Women commit nearly as much crime as men do; gender differences here are illusory

Men can be socialized not to commit crime, as seen in many eastern societies

There has been no clearly
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