Childhood Obesity

Childhood Obesity

The synthesis paper is based on a healthcare topic of your choice. It is in APA format and was completed over several modules. The following components will be included in the paper:

  • Title page, page #s
  • Abstract
  • Body
    • Introduction paragraph with thesis statement
    • Literature Review section
      • Introductory paragraph explaining search parameters and databases used
      • At least 7 paragraphs, but no more than 12.
      • At least nine scholarly sources (6 scholarly articles and 3 websites)
      • Not simply annotations, but an essay that flows from point to point
    • Discussion section
      • Two to five paragraphs that apply the literature review to your topic, drawing conclusions and supporting the thesis statement
      • May contain practice examples
    • Conclusion
      • One to two paragraphs that support and finalize the thesis argument
  • Reference page
    • 6 scholarly articles and 3 websites
  • Annotated bibliography
    • Must contain at least 6 scholarly articles and 3 websites
    • Must contain annotations

Assignment Expectations

Length: Submit entire completed paper: Approximately 6-12 pages

Structure: Entire shell components with all sections completed and corrected

References: At minimum a total of 9 sources total for full points (6 scholarly articles and 3 websites) formatted in APA style in the reference section and annotated bibliography, and citations in body of the text

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