Epidemic of Overweight or Obesity in The US & Globally

 Epidemic of Overweight or Obesity in The US & Globally

Question #1

List the six classes of nutrients, and explain the primary functions of each?

Question #2

Describe the current epidemic of overweight/obesity in the United States and globally and the health risk associated with excess weight?

Question #3

Find an contemporary (2009 – 2019) article Online, Magazine, Newspaper about Diet or Nutrition. For this assignment you will include a paragraph summary of the article. Be sure to attach the link/source (Example: https://www.healthylivingmagazine.us/static/article_list/index.php?type=ARTICLES) (Links to an external site.) of your article at the bottom of this post for myself or classmate to read. Please explain how the information gathered from the article will affect you.

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