Genetic Coding Diabetes

Genetic Coding Diabetes

Humans are born with genetic coding that may predispose them to certain diseases and conditions. A person may have a family history of high blood pressure, for example. Although that person cannot change the family history, they can make lifestyle choices that can reduce their risk of heart disease later in life. Taking ownership of these risk factors is a common battle waged in population health.

Evidence-based programs provide health administrators with a framework for developing interventions for the population to address risk factors. Researching risky behaviors in populations often results in information to break down barriers and meet the needs of the community. Educating the community can have a lasting effect on future rates of disease and disability. Before designing programs, however, it is important to have a deep understanding of inherent and behavioral risk factors related to the health of the populations you serve. For this Discussion, you will examine whether risk factors related to chronic diseases or conditions at a population level are inherent or whether they develop through behaviors and values or both. You will consider how behavioral changes, even small ones, might affect health in populations.

To Prepare:

  • Reflect on the following:
    • What might change or modify people’s motivations when it comes to health and health behaviors?
    • What role do demographics play in risk factors?
    • What can you change (e.g., where you live, what you eat)?
  • Select a chronic disease or condition at a population level with different types of risk factors.
  • Select a specific population that may be at risk for the selected chronic disease or condition.


Post an example of inherent or genetic risk factors related to the chronic disease or condition and population you selected. Also, provide an example of a behavior-driven risk factor related to the chronic disease or condition and population you selected. Then, provide a comprehensive explanation for how your chosen population’s values might influence health-related behaviors that may contribute to the risk of the chronic disease or condition you selected and explain why.

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