Health Concerns of The LGBTQ Asian American Communities

Health Concerns of The LGBTQ Asian American Communities

Discuss the health concerns of the LGBTQ Asian American communities. In particular, discuss how intersectionality can be used to explain the difficulty in addressing health concerns unique to these communities (for example, gender confirming medications and treatments for transgender, non-binary or gender-nonconforming folk; HIV among men who have sex with men; or increased rates of alcoholism and illicit drug use among queer women’s communities). In your analysis, look up examples of queer Asian American focused nonprofits (for example, San Francisco Community Health Center; Asian Pacific Islander American Health Form; Office of Minority Health; APICHA Community Health Center in New York) to explore unique ways these groups are addressing health disparities along the axes of gender and sexuality in combination with race and ethnicity.”


At least 3 different sources needed with MLA citation techniques.

A minimum of one paragraph needed discussing what search strategy including what database you used and what keywords you used that were either successful or unsuccessful and why they worked or not.

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