Application And Interpretation Of Public Health Data

Application And Interpretation Of Public Health Data

Surveys are often used to gather public health information or data.  The first step in analyzing the survey data is to conduct descriptive  statistics. Descriptive statistics help provide basic information about  the sample group, such as the average age and average income. This  information can then be analyzed to effectively measure and describe a  population’s health status, behavior, and associated risk factors in  relation to these variables.

The purpose of this assignment is to  use Excel to apply descriptive statistics in order to describe the  sample who completed a health behavior survey. Use the “Health Behavior  Data Set” and the “Descriptive Statistics in Excel Worksheet” to  complete this assignment. Refer to the instructional videos in the topic  resources as a guide.

For this assignment:

  1. Use the  “Data Analysis ToolPak” add-in and Pivot Tables to complete this  assignment. Refer to the “Data Analysis ToolPak” resource in the topic  resources. Click on the link and select either Windows or Mac for  instructions. The Microsoft Excel add-in will enable you to conduct  descriptive statistics in Excel.
  2. Read the “Health Behavior Case History and Survey” document to familiarize yourself with the survey and its purpose.
  3. Open  the “Health Behavior Data Set” in the Excel. Analyze the survey data  and answer the questions in the “Descriptive Statistics in Excel  Worksheet.” Submit the “Descriptive Statistics in Excel Worksheet” to  the dropbox.

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