New Increasing Patience Satisfaction Force Field Analysis

New Increasing Patience Satisfaction Force Field Analysis

In this second milestone, you will develop a force field analysis (FFA). FFA is a method for listing, discussing, and assessing the various forces for and against a proposed change. FFA encourages you to look at the big picture by assessing all of the forces impacting the change and weighing the pros and cons. Having identified these, you can then develop strategies to reduce the impact of the opposing forces and strengthen the supporting forces. FFA is especially useful when you want to overcome resistance to change and to define and resolve a quality issue in the healthcare environment. You will be expected to incorporate feedback on the milestone assignments into the final paper.

Address the following critical elements in your Milestone Two paper:

II. Force Field Analysis

a) Develop an FFA that includes likely compelling forces (goals) and hindering forces (barriers) of the three actions you have selected that require improvement.

b) Once you have determined the goals and barriers for the three actions that require improvement, create a table of goals and corresponding barriers, including the title of the improvement project, such as shown in the following example

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