Online Diabete Cancer and Obesity

Online Diabete Cancer and Obesity

For this assignment, start by listing the three disparities in your area and then discuss why you chose those three. Next, using state and local health department websites, look up the rates of your chosen disparities. Create a bar chart to show the incident rates of the three disparities and then discuss what you found.


  1. Diabetes – the area I live and work in has high rates of diabetes due to many people having public insurance plans and they do not have a PCP or they do not visit the doctor regularly for blood sugar checks. I would estimate that at least 50% of the population has diabetes.
  2. Cancer – the area I live in has many people in their late 30’s and early 40’s who do not see their doctor regularly and therefore do not get preventative testing, so cancer rates are high since it’s not caught at an early stage. I would estimate that the percentage rate of cancer is about 45%.
  3. Obesity – due to suburban areas, most people do not work out regularly. We also have many fast food restaurants all around and they always seem busy, so the rate of obesity should be pretty high. I would estimate the percentage of citizens in my area that meet the criteria for obesity is around 75%.

Actual rates (Retrieved from

  1. Diabetes – 11.7% of the state population
  2. Cancer – 4.6% of the state population
  3. Obesity – 30.1%

Based upon the actual data, I assumed that the percentages were much higher than they actually are.

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