Public Health Preparedness

PART A “Public Health Preparedness” Please respond to the following:

Use the Internet to research your state’s public health and hospital preparedness policies. Use the Internet to research the developments in preparedness policies for your state and at least two (2) federal public health agencies over recent years.

  • From the first e-Activity, analyze the measures your state (Albany, NY) and local community have in place to prepare hospitals for two (2) different types of threats to public health. Question whether the design of these measures allows for the sufficient protection of the population in the face of an imminent threat.
  • From the second e-Activity, examine two to three (2-3) changes to the preparedness policies of your chosen state and federal government agencies. Determine the significant social, political, or environmental factors that have influenced these changes.


PLEASE RESPOND TO CLASSMATE DISCUSSION WHETHER YOU AGREE OR NOT & A DETAILED WHY: It is always a good idea to prepare the hospitals and healthcare facilities of any kind of threat that may occur when it comes to public health. The first thing that helps the hospitals to prepare would be to have an area that is full of emergency supplies and kits to help the patients. The next thing would be to make a plan. This will help the workers to able to navigate the patients to a safe area whether it is out the back or side door or even if it is under ground in a secure area. One type would be when Ebola came about, and everyone panicked and starting to get all these different shots. Another example would be the flooding that took place here in NC and it took weeks to regain power and the people were not able to get to the stores for any food or even get to shelters. When it comes to threat it is never easy but here in NC we try to act as fast as any state can with all of our resources.

Here in NC we have a branch that is called (PHP&R) and that stands for Public Health Preparedness and Response. This team is on alert to monitor North Carolina through any Public Health disaster. Policies change every time they find something that works faster and better. One of the major changes in the policies was the planning process it was updated to make sure that the process cold run move effectively in the time of crisis moments. Consolidating the services makes the job quicker so more people are able to be serviced and are helped to safety. The factors above would understand and come together as well to reach and services those in needs. We come together not in just one state but in all states the fact that we are united makes us stronger than we know.

Part B – Policy Analysis” Please respond to the following:

Go to the Health Affairs Website and review three (3) current policy briefs from the 2013 listings, located at

  • Compare and contrast the rational and political models of policy analysis. Debate the advantages of the model that you believe is most influential in policymaking. Support your rationale with two (2) specific examples of your chosen model’s influence.
  • Suppose you are a health policy analyst for a government contracting agency that a local hospital has hired to complete a policy analysis. From the third e-Activity formulate the problem statement for one (1) of your chosen health policies. Then, outline two (2) additional key steps in the development of a policy analysis for your client.


PLEASE RESPOND TO CLASSMATE DISCUSSION WHETHER YOU AGREE OR NOT & A DETAILED WHYRational Model was really developed for the policies to be decided on the reason and the science rather than anything else. The Political Model is developed through three different streams. Those streams are (Problems, Policies and Politics), The Problem stream is where all the problems are distinct and are noticed mainly by the decision makers. The Policy Stream is where all of the solutions are proposed for the good. The Politics Stream is where all of the political mood among everyone. Evening though they are all separate they also all come together in the end. The one that I think would be more influential is the problem stream because there is always some kind of problems going on that is writing to be solved that is just the world we live in today.

A Policy Analyst position requires the ability to work to best influence political and social events as well as awareness of many different issues. If I were in this role I would review what the current policies now and would try to find a way to help my new company to succeed more in the social and political events, things that would really stand out and make a difference, something that would help the public around know that they matter and that we will stick together through any tragic thing that may go on. The problem with the policies is that there was something better out there and it was not known when it comes to responding and helping in a quicker way. Two additional steps would be to make sure that the policies will be effective as well as better understanding.

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