Meal Planning for Carbohydrates

Please submit Meal Planning for Carbohydrates Assignment.

You assignment will not be graded if it uses an Apple .pages file or images that use a .jpg or png file. These must be converted or pasted into a .PDF or Word .docx file. Remember to include at least 3 APA in-text citations and a corresponding 3 APA citations in a reference list.

Part A

Please respond to the following questions in complete sentences and paragraphs. This section should be at least 12 sentences.

  • What is meant by the AMDR, and what is this range for carbohydrates?
  • How does the type of carbohydrate impact health?
  • What is one negative health impact from carbohydrate intake?
  • What is one positive health impact from carbohydrate intake?

Part B

Here is a sample one-day menu for Mr. Fatso. His doctor just told him to cut down on added sugars in addition to increasing his fiber intake. He hopes to meet with a dietitian next week, but in the meantime needs some help making these changes. List five suggestions for Mr. Fatso’s diet. Make sure to provide only changes that address the meal planning goals mentioned above. Tell him which food(s) you would have him omit and how you would replace these items. You must include the added sugar calories or grams associated with the original foods and the substituted foods. You must also the grams of dietary fiber associated with the original foods and the substituted foods. If you attempt to change they type of bread, that will cost you points, because bread substitutions generally do not make the major changes required in Mr. Fatso’s improved diet. You may also change portion sizes. Highlight (yellow only, please) or bold the item you are changing with its sugar and fiber content. Then write the change next to that with its sugar and fiber content. You may make more than five changes, but if you do so, you will only receive full credit when all changes correctly match the assigned directions. You must include citations for all sugar and fiber values.

1 cup sugar-frosted flake cereal
8 oz 1% milk
8 oz orange juice
2 scrambled eggs

1/2 peanut butter and jelly sandwich (1 slice white bread, 1 TBSP Skippy peanut butter, 1 TBSP grape jelly)

8 oz tomato soup
6 Saltine crackers
1 turkey sandwich (3 oz turkey, 2 slices white bread)
1/2 cup canned pears in heavy syrup
8 oz grape juice

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