Nursing Practice Course Outline

Nursing Practice Course Outline

Course design is guided by curriculum outcomes, and course outlines must be developed to ensure that learners are meeting the intended outcomes.

Curriculum development and course design are influenced by many factors, such as program level and setting. The course design process begins with broad program or organizational outcomes and narrows to specific objectives to guide instruction.

The purpose of this assignment is to develop a course outline for one topic related to nursing practice (e.g., leadership, pediatric nursing, community health, psychiatric nursing, theoretical nursing, etc.) that includes all key elements (name of the course, course outcomes, topical outlines/modules, and assessments including assigned weight).

Incorporate at least two of the QSEN competencies in your course and four-course objectives. You will choose a health care practice for this assignment and build upon it throughout the course in order to achieve an understanding of the curriculum development process.

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