risk factors for cardiovascular disease

risk factors for cardiovascular disease



brief contents

10 Achieving and Maintaining a Healthful Body Weight 342

in depth 10.5 Obesity 372

11 Nutrition and Physical Fitness: Keys to good health 380

in depth 11.5 Disorders Related to Body Image, Eating, and Exercise  413

12 Food Safety and Technology: Protecting our food 424

in depth 12.5  The Safety and Effectiveness of  Dietary Supplements  454

13 Food Equity, Sustainability, and Quality: The challenge of “good food” 460

in depth 13.5  Malnutrition  480

14 Nutrition Through the Life Cycle: Pregnancy and the first year of life 486

in depth 14.5  The Fetal Environment  524

15 Nutrition Through the Life Cycle: Childhood to late adulthood 528

in depth 15.5  Searching for the Fountain  of Youth  562

Appendices A-1 References R-1 Answers AN-1 Glossary GL-1 Index IN-1 Credits CR-1

1 Nutrition: Linking food and health 2

in depth 1.5 New Frontiers in Nutrition and Health 29

2 Designing a Healthful Diet 36 in depth 2.5  Healthful Eating Patterns  59

3 The Human Body: Are we really what we eat? 64

in depth 3.5 Disorders Related to Specific Foods  93

4 Carbohydrates: Plant-derived energy nutrients 98

in depth 4.5   Diabetes  130

5 Fats: Essential energy-supplying nutrients 138

in depth 5.5  Cardiovascular Disease  167

6 Proteins: Crucial components of all body tissues 178

in depth 6.5 Vitamins and Minerals: Micronutrients with  Macro Powers  211

7 Nutrients Essential to Fluid and Electrolyte Balance 222

in depth 7.5  Alcohol  249

8 Nutrients Essential to Key Body Functions 260

in depth 8.5  Cancer  292

9 Nutrients Essential to Healthy Tissues 300

in depth 9.5  Osteoporosis  334

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Helping Students See Nutrition Concepts Come Alive in Their Daily Lives

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Nutrition Concepts Applied to Students’ Daily Lives

NEW! In Depth Chapters Obesity, Malnutrition, and Healthful Eating Patterns are three new mini-chapters that focus on topics such as the health and societal problems surrounding undernourishment; the effectiveness of lifestyle changes, medications, dietary supplements, and surgery in obesity treatment; and the components and principles of a healthful eating pattern.

NEW! Chapter 13: Food Equity, Sustainability, and Quality: The Challenge of “Good” Food Focuses on current issues of food quality and availability that directly affect today’s students. Topics include the disparities in availability of high-quality, nourishing food thought to contribute to the poverty-obesity paradox, unsafe working conditions in many U.S. farms and factories, and more.

NEW! Focus Figures 6 new Focus Figures on topics such as nutrition and human disease, the scientific method, the new nutrition facts panel, and more; and 8 new Meal Focus Figures have been added that graphically depict the differences in sets of meals, such as a comparison of nutrient density or a comparison of two high- carbohydrate meals, to engage students with relevant and practical information, and much more.

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Help Students Master Tough Concepts of the Course

NEW! Learning Outcomes Approach New approach creates a clear learning path for students with numbered learning outcomes at the beginning of each chapter that are then tied to each major chapter section, helping students navigate each chapter and measure their progress against specific learning goals; this approach also helps instructors assess the key information and skills students are meant to take away from each chapter.

NEW! Study Plans Study Plans conclude each chapter, tying the chapter learning outcomes to the review questions and math review questions, and also includes the test yourself t/f answers and web links.

NEW! Table of Contents Organization To better streamline the coverage of the micronutrients, four former chapters (7-10 in the 4e) now become three (7-9 in the 5e) to help students better comprehend the role of vitamins and minerals in fluid and electrolyte balance (Ch. 7); key body functions (energy metabolism, antioxidant functions, and vision) (Ch. 8); and healthy body tissues (collagen, blood, and bone) (Ch. 9).

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BEFOrE CLASS Mobile Media and Reading Assignments Ensure Students Come to Class Prepared

Continuous Learning Before, During, and After Class

Pre-Lecture Reading Quizzes are easy to customize and assign

NEW! Interactive eText 2.0 gives students access to the text whenever they can access the internet. eText features include:

• Now available on smartphones and tablets

• Seamlessly integrated videos and other rich media

• Accessible (screen-reader ready) • Configurable reading settings, including

resizable type and night reading mode • Instructor and student note-taking,

highlighting, bookmarking, and search • Also available for offline use via Pearson’s

eText 2.0 app

NEW! Reading Questions ensure that students complete the assigned reading before class and stay on track with reading assignments. Reading Questions are 100% mobile ready and can be completed by students on mobile devices.

UPDATED! Dynamic Study Modules help students study effectively by continuously assessing student performance and providing practice in areas where students struggle the most. Each Dynamic Study Module, accessed by computer, smartphone or tablet, promotes fast learning and long-term retention.

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AFTEr CLASS MasteringNutrition Delivers Automatically Graded Nutrition Activities

Learning Catalytics, a “bring your own device” student engagement, assessment, and classroom intelligence system, allows students to use their smartphone, tablet, or laptop to respond to questions in class.

DUrING CLASS Engage students with Learning Catalytics

with MasteringNutrition™

UPDATED! Nutrition Animations explain big picture concepts that help students learn the hardest topics in nutrition. These animations, complete with a new design and compatible with Mastering and mobile devices, help students master tough topics and address students’ common misconceptions, using assessment and wrong-answer feedback.

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AFTEr CLASS Easy-to-Assign, Customize, Media-Rich, and Automatically Graded Assignments.

Continuous Learning Before, During, and After Class

NEW! Study Plan items tie all end-of- chapter material to specific numbered Learning Outcomes and Mastering assets. Assignable study plan items contain at least one multiple choice question per Learning Outcome and wrong-answer feedback.

NEW! ABC News Videos bring nutrition to life and spark discussion with up-to-date hot topics from 2012 to 2016 that occur in the nutrition field. Multiple-choice questions provide wrong-answer feedback to redirect students to the correct answer.

ExPANDED! Focus Figure Coaching Activities better guide students through key nutrition concepts with interactive mini-lessons.

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with MasteringNutrition™

Math Coaching Activities provide hands-on practice of important nutrition- related calculations to help students understand and apply the material. Questions include wrong-answer feedback.

UPDATED! Nutritools Build-A-Meal Coaching Activities have been updated and allow students to combine and experiment with different food options and learn firsthand how to build healthier meals. The Build a Meal, Build a Pizza, Build A Salad, and Build A Sandwich tools have been carefully rethought to improve the user experience, making them easier to use and are now HTML5 compatible for mobile devices.

Single sign-on to MyDietAnalysis allows students to complete a diet assignment. Students keep track of their food intake and exercise and enter the information to create a variety of reports. A mobile version gives students 24/7 access via their smartphones to easily track food, drink, and activity on the go. MyDietAnalysis Case Study Activities with quizzing provide students with hands-on diet analysis practice that can also be automatically graded.

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Teaching Resources ■■ Instructor Resource and Support Manual in

Microsoft Word and PDF formats ■■ Teaching with Student Learning Outcomes ■■ Teaching with Web 2.0 ■■ Learning Catalytics: Getting Started ■■ Getting Started with MasteringNutrition

Student Supplements ■■ Eat Right! ■■ Live Right! ■■ Food Composition Table

resources for YOU, the Instructor

MasteringNutrition™ provides you with everything you need to prep for your course and deliver a dynamic lecture, in one convenient place. Resources include:

Media Assets for Each Chapter ■■ ABC News Lecture Launcher videos ■■ Nutrition Animations ■■ PowerPoint Lecture Outlines ■■ PowerPoint clicker questions and Jeopardy-style

quiz show questions ■■ Files for all illustrations and tables and selected

photos from the text

Test Bank ■■ Test Bank in Microsoft, Word, PDF, and RTF

formats ■■ Computerized Test Bank, which includes all

the questions from the printed test bank in a format that allows you to easily and intuitively build exams and quizzes.

Measuring Student Learning Outcomes? All of the MasteringNutrition assignable content is tagged to book content and to Bloom’s Taxonomy. You also have the ability to add your own learning outcomes, helping you track student performance against your learning outcomes. You can view class performance against the specified learning outcomes and share those results quickly and easily by exporting to a spreadsheet.

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Janice Thompson, PhD, FACSM University of Birmingham

Melinda Manore, PhD, RD, CSSD, FACSM Oregon State University

Nutrition An Applied Approach F I F T H E D I T I O N

330 Hudson Street, NY NY 10013

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