Strategies to Control Health Care Costs and Quality

Strategies to Control Health Care Costs and Quality

Week 6 part 1 discussion

Please respond to the following:

  • Discuss the differences between the three strategies to control health care costs and quality: Gatekeeper, Utilization Review, and Case Management.
  • Discuss how you think any one of the three results in the best care for patients at the lowest cost.

Week 6 part 2 discussion

Health Care Quality:

You have been selected as the Vice President of Quality for a health care organization:

The Board of Directors has requested that you present TWO health care quality initiatives that could be useful to that health care organization which has seen its quality of care decline.

Week 7 part 1 discussion

“Health Economics” Please respond to the following:

  • As an owner/general manager for a company of 50 employees, you have been tasked with purchasing the best health insurance for your organization. Analyze at least two (2) lifestyle choices relative to the effect(s) that these choices could have on the organization’s premiums. Support your rationale with two (2) examples.
  • What sort of insurance might be best for your employees, including a discussion of HMO versus PPO types of insurance products.

Week 7 part 2

Discuss the impact of the Affordable Care Act on the decision as to whether you would offer health insurance to your employees.

  • Would it be better to pay the fine for not offering insurance?
  • Would it be better to refer your employees to the individual insurance market, or refer them to government provided insurance such as Medicaid?

Week 8 Part 1 discussion

  • Explain how Medicaid is funded?
  • Who is eligible for Medicaid?
  • What changes would you recommend states make to the Medicaid program?{ Many States are concerned that they will not be able to afford the growing costs of Medicaid in the future and are looking for ways to save money in the Medicaid program}.

Part 2 discussion

  • Explain how Medicare is funded?
  • Who is eligible for Medicare?
  • Discuss one option to achieve savings in the Medicare program[The Medicare Trust Fund may run out of funds in the next 10 years. Without changes, Medicare may have to cut reimbursements to HCOs, or raise payroll taxes…]
  • MINIMUM OF 7 sentences per discussion board

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