the organizational or individual level to improve results

the organizational or individual level to improve results

Scholarly practice entails having concrete evidence for what one recommends. It ensure recommended suggestions have high success levels. They are backed up with great length of expertise in leadership role(Jeroen, pg.23). The paper will discuss how change is received within an organization, how time consideration affect success of change implementation, insights to proper implementation of change and external factors that influence leader expectation of self.

1-Consider a time when you led change at the organizational or individual level. What were the results? Looking back, what could you have done differently to improve results?

Organization change entails shift of the way of carrying out operational activities within a company system. Change in most institutions around the globe has always been met with so much resistance and opposition if the transition is not carried out effectively. Human being are creatures of habit and always comfortable with routine. It is rather normal for people to be shaken to the core when the things considered normal are taken away. And in their place comes something new and unknown.

At our organization for instance, due to competitive pressure, I was tasked with altering the nature of operation of the routine the employees were used to having. It involved having people come much earlier to work so as to improve on productivity in the company. The hour of clocking in was raise by two hours from 9AM to 7AM. It became a total fail. Most colleagues arrived late with numerous cover up excuses .Others’ attention and concentration spun on tasks after a few hours after arriving at their workstation was so low.

The change would have been a success had employees’ needs and views been put into consideration. First, prior intensive research had not been conducted on the effects of such a major shift. Also employee involvement was neglected. As a result due to anxiety build up on undertaking such important changes without proper guidance the operation failed. They needed time and to be educated on the importance of the said change being implemented.

2-Consider a time when you knew you needed to make a change but chose not to due to time constraints. What was the result? How might you make time to work on necessary personal changes to support your leadership formation?

Decision making is vital in the work place scenario. Taking action and choosing not to take action regarding a matter or situation always has consequences. For proper adaptation and reception of any shift in way of handling things within a company, time is often required. In this case, the company productivity and profit margins dropped as there was no enough time to make the changes. This occurred because other competing organizations had shifted their operations to be technology based thus swift processing of all operations at all levels.  Our company on the other hand delayed due to time constraint. There wasn’t enough time to train the staff technology wise and have them ready to swiftly compete without messing about and creating an even larger problem.

3-Consider a time when you led change effectively. List the key insights gained from this effort. How can you use these insights to lead future change efforts?

Change effects and results in an organization can at times take a while to be noticed. Regardless, for effective change, first the need for extensive research cannot be taken for granted. The main reason for to change be implemented within the system need to be looked into and properly evaluated.  It is important to plan how the said change is to take place and anticipate whichever challenges that come about.

Good communication and information dissemination is key to change adaptation and acceptance.  Choose a team to maintain constant communication with both key stakeholders and the rest of the team (Ladislava pg. 4). This way sufficient support is offered to ensure success of the impending shift. Also in effectively communicating the vision and goals anticipated and the urgent need for the said change to realize this, it ensures success.  Members should be empowered and offered proper guidance in the way to act to realize set visions.

4- What important external expectations determine the expectations you have for yourself as a leader?

Organizational environment; Organizations have their own values. Past legacy and values are important to the company. As a leader your expectations will have to align with that and manage the business along those cultural expectations.

Resources; Leaders utilize organization assets and human resource to achieve set objectives.  Leader expectations of self will fall on proper utilization and maximization of available resources for great profit margin.

Technology and innovation cause drastic changes in business environments. It is commendable to use a management style in line with the new technologies set within the system.


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