Transforming Nursing And Healthcare Through Technology

Transforming Nursing And Healthcare Through Technology

Healthcare informatics and knowledge have expanded over the past decades, with new technologies coming up to suit the patients’ needs and enhance nursing decision-making (Sweeney, 2017). Consider a scenario where a building site worker is brought to the hospital after falling from a tall building. James, the nurse on duty, realizes that the patient is in too much pain but has limited bruises on the skin, which requires nursing. He immediately conducts diagnostic imaging and realizes the patient has an internally broken bone, thus recommending surgery for the plate’s implantation.

The data that could be used in this case is the nature of bone formation in the body. James utilized diagnostic imaging computer technology (X-ray Imaging) to collect health data on the patient rather than depending on intuitions. Diagnostic imaging is a technology used in the diagnosis and allows the doctor to visualize abnormalities in the internal body parts (Nagle et al., 2017).  As the body is passed through electromagnetic radiation, different media contrasts are developed, allowing X-ray imaging of the bones and tissues and indicating fractures available. The diagnostic imaging data provide evidence of internal abnormalities, which can initiate a treatment plan. Notably, other information can be derived from the imaging, such as physiological abnormalities and internal growth. In this scenario, a nurse leader must develop alternative treatment options that promote the best treatment outcome. He or she will make clinical reasoning and judgment by integrating the new and the old knowledge (McGonigle and Mastrian, 2017). The past treatment methods and procedures in the database help make an informed decision that considers the health problem, concerns, and patient’s needs. Collaborative problem solving through the inclusion of other providers in decision-making can also help make the best judgment.

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