Global Presenting Health Information as an Infographic

Unit 9 Assignment: Presenting Health Information as an Infographic

To see the grading rubric, go to Course Resources / Grading Rubrics

Unit outcomes:

  • Distinguish methods of summarizing data, including histograms, stem and leaf displays, pie charts and bar charts.
  • Demonstrate techniques of presenting and reporting data using a computer.

Course outcome:

HS311-6: Create visual representations of summary data with given health data.


An effective infographic presents information visually, efficiently, and clearly. Your task is to create an original infographic about a health-related topic of your choice.

The infographic should include the following:

  • A description of the health-related topic.
  • Descriptive data (at least four statistics)
  • Three risk factors or determinants.
  • Two relevant prevention strategies specific to the target audience.

Create your infographic using the free templates provided at Submit your infographic as an image file (jpg, png or pdf). Please submit the sources for the descriptive data in APA style in a separate Word document.

For more information on using infographics, and for examples on what an infographic looks like, please review this CDC Website.

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