Mountain View Health Center & Patient Population

Mountain View Health Center Background

The key points that I took away from Mountain View Health Center are they are the primary rural community acute care facility for a multicultural community. Their main patient population is poor farmworkers who lack insurance and have poor working and living conditions. They pride themselves by working closely with community organizations to deliver care.

They are obviously a necessity as there are no closer acute care facilities. However, most of their revenue comes from Medicare and Medicaid which places staff in a dilemma of their future success. Some physicians question a merger with another facilitating healthcare organization or ensuring access to health care for this rural population.

Mission Statements

A mission statement does not need to be long just a straightforward approach. Should answer the question of what is the primary focus? What patient base does the organization serve? In what ways are you committed to serving them (Capko & Capko, 2011). Your mission statement should also define your unique difference. You cannot serve every market, so what makes yours so unique. Defining unique identifiers draws in potential consumers (Justin, 2016). With tips for creating a mission statement, the mission statement for Mountain View Health Center is:

“At Mountain View Health Center our mission is to provide exceptional acute care services to a multicultural rural community through effective partnerships and a dedicated healthcare team.”

Vision Statements

A well-written vision statement is an idea that describes a future state and a sense of motivation. It helps guide behavior to achieve a set-out goal (Waldren, Cohen, Reider, Carr, & DellaFera, 2017). A vision statement should have a clear direction towards a focused effort, express intention, philosophy, and self-image. It should challenge the organization’s capabilities and shape its future (Macleod, 2016). The vision statement for Mountain View Health Center is:

“Our vision is to be the main primary acute care facility by providing specialty care services, delivering quality, evidence-based, patient-focused care, and responsible planning for economic growth.”


Mission and vision statements are necessary for organizational success, cultural commitment, and a focused plan. A strong mission and vision statement provide motivation for employees and can provide information for the consumer. Mountain View Health Center has a unique opportunity to provide care for an underserved community.


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