Page 19 of the text briefly describes each of five major trends in business. Select one of the five

Page 19 of the text briefly describes each of five major trends in business.
Select one of the five and write a topical essay about an event or events that
demonstrate how the trend is affecting the operations of organizations within an
industry. This is an individual assignment and details of the requirements and the
marking rubric for the assignment are as follows:
Content (60 % marks)
The paper…
– Describe an example where a trend (of the five trends) caused a significant change in an
industry. For example, the effect of the technology trends on the Computer industry.
– Try to show your understanding with an industry (any industry or service operation) and how
it is affected by a chosen trend. Prove your point of view through references (either
publications, articles, reports, etc.) related to organizations within that industry.
Structure (20 % marks)
The introduction…
– Present the main idea of the paper. An introduction is an overview of the whole subject.
– Do not present your conclusion.
– Present any background information to introduce the reader to the subject of the paper.
– Present background information about the industry and the trend.
– Indicates how the paper is organized.
The body…
Show your main idea. The trend, and its effect on the industry. Find differences before and
Each paragraph…
– Includes a topic sentence.
– Develops one main idea.
– Has a transition sentence linking it to the next paragraph.
The conclusion…
– A short summary of the paper that is followed by the conclusion.
– Conclusion is based on facts, not feelings.
Organization and Development (10 % marks)
The entire composition
– Is logically organized.
– Has a solid argument with supporting evidence.
Main points
– Are relevant to the thesis statement (the topic of the paper).
– No repetition or redundancies.
Style (10% marks)
Format requirements:
– Paper size: Letter size, with 1inch margin for all sides.
– Font size 12, with double spacing.
– Expected length: 4 – 5 pages, not including the cover page, references or appendices.
The paper should:
1. Be concise and precise
2. Meet guidelines regarding size and format
3. Be free of misspellings
4. Be free of grammatical mistakes
5. Lack incomplete sentences
6. Use correct punctuation
7. Include subject/verb agreement
8. Use pronouns correctly
9. Be free of jargon and cliches
10.Cite references correctly
Do NOT plagiarize! This can lead to a zero or a failing grade for the assignment. Cite all
sources used using the APA format. Your assignments will be submitted
to SafeAssignment which is a plagiarism detection tool. If you are quoting, include page
numbers along with the authors name and date. Do not use footnotes or number references.

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