Documents uploaded to

Documents uploaded to Please look at the BSU6PSP Assignment 2 – Due at UCEM 15 February 2018, 10 AM PDF first for the assignment guideline, and look at:
2. Extract of the lease
3. Licence to alter letter
4. Photographs of the property Please strictly follow the assignment requirements. Please give reference and quote in the essay by using the references provided
1. Civil Procedure Rules and Dilapidations Protocol on isurv
2. Ansteys Rights of Light_P1-P21
3. Dilapidations – further notes
4. Dilapidations review
5. Introduction to dilapidations
6. Investigate the Dilapidations Protocol
7. Paper 10668 v1-0 – Service charges (commercial property)
8. RICS advice on Dilapidations
9. Service charges on isurv
10. The Technology and Construction Court You can gain access to isuv (important for reference) Username:
Password: isurv1

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