You are to write a 3,000 word (+/- 10% excluding reference list and tables/figures included in the t

You are to write a 3,000 word (+/- 10% excluding reference list and tables/figures included in the text) essay. The topic for your essay is change management specifically you are being asked to design a strategy for the introduction of an innovation in practice that will improve service delivery within your field of nursing. This can be based on process mapping, response to a clinical incident (as part of a root cause analysis), in reponse to complaints or as a mechanism for introducing evidence base to clinical practice. You are expected to clearly outline what your project is, how it applies to health care and the current demands on the health service. You will need to draw on relevant theoretical frameworks to support your approach to change management and critically analyse the potential strengths and weaknesses of your approach. Consideration needs to be given to how your innovation will be resourced and evaluated with an application of clinical governance and leadership. In order to demonstrate that you have met the module learning outcomes there must be application of relevant theories and a critical evaluation of the frameworks, methodologies and tools used.
Module Learning Outcomes
Lo 1- Critically analyse and evaluate conceptual frameworks and demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of their use and relevance in developing innovative approaches to practice, which deliver a quality service
Lo 2- Critically appraise and evaluate the application of clinical governance strategies in leading service improvement within established patterns of working.
Lo 3 -Critically appraise and apply appropriate theories, service improvement methodologies and tools for assessing, developing and implementing service improvement strategies.
Lo 4 – Demonstrate a critical awareness of current issues and challenges in health care practice, and employ innovative approaches to effective problem solving and decision making in complex and unpredictable situations.

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