Assignment ; Respond supporting the post below with additional suggestions Post; Butin (2010) stated

Assignment ;
Respond supporting the post below with additional suggestions Post;
Butin (2010) stated “Any particular way of looking at an educational issue is called a theoretical framework” (p. 58). The framework dictates the direction of the research project. Firstly we need to determine what is the goal of the dissertation and the next step is to see what other researchers have said about the topic through the literature review (Butin, 2010). The study I selected was “Elementary School Teacher Perception of Using Formative Strategies to Improve Instructions” by Bennet (2015). The problem was the achievement gap for students in the tested subject areas. The purpose of the study was to identify whether teachers formative assessment practices is a possible reason for this achievement gap. Thus the study is exploratory in nature. The aligned guiding research question to identify the reason for this achievement gap is “What are the perceptions of the elementary teachers at a southern suburban elementary school regarding the use of formative assessment strategies in the classroom to inform instruction?” Bennet (2015) specifically stated that the literature on Bloom’s Taxonomy, Backward Design Theory and Differentiated Learning Theory were examined and used as the theoretical and conceptual frameworks. The literature dealt with all the aspects concerning formative assessment practices. These theories were synthesized by the literature because they addressed “the use of feedback, format, formative assessment strategies, use of technology in formative assessment and the use of formative assessment data” (p. 9). Butin (2010) indicated “the research purpose is itself influenced by the overarching theoretical framework and key outcomes you have for your dissertation” (p. 81). The study conducted by Bennet (2015) focused on the various processes while exploring how teachers perceive and use formative assessment in the classroom. The problem and purpose statements do align with the framework used since the reasons for the achievement gap are being explored. The research question also aligns with the framework since it explores how teachers at this particular primary school can use formative assessment to improve instruction and learning in the classroom. This framework also guided the the data collection process. The data collection source was one-to-one interview questions based on gathering information on teachers’ formative assessment practices. Open-ended questions were followed by probing questions to gain details and clarification. According to (2015) the main interview questions were aligned with the topics addressed in the literature review including “Bloom’s taxonomy, backward design theory, differentiated learning theory, using feedback, formative assessment strategies and practice, and technology use with formative assessment” (p. 27). The interviews were transcribed, from which a list of codes, such as formative assessment strategies, feedback, standardizing testing usage and technology, was categorized into emerging themes. The codes identified supported the research questions and the formative assessment experiences. References Bennet, D. P. (2015). Elementary school teacher perceptions of using formative strategies to improve instruction. Retrieved from context=dissertation Butin, D. W. (2010). The education dissertation: A guide for practitioner scholars. Thousand Oaks, CA: Cowin

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