A pressure injury is defined as sustained pressure causing localized injury to the skin or underlying tissue, usually over a bony prominence or from a medical device.

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DISCUSSION POST # 1 Reply to Clare

A pressure injury is defined as sustained pressure causing localized injury to the skin or underlying tissue, usually over a bony prominence or from a medical device. Evidence suggests that a proper support surface will minimize the injury a patient sustains due to prolonged pressure.  Specialty support surfaces can include specialty beds, mattresses, overlays, and pads (Huang et al., 2023). These support surfaces are purchased or rented from a durable medical equipment company and placed in patient homes as a free-standing bed or as an overlay on their existing bed. Within my Capstone project, patients will be assessed for the type of support surface that they would benefit from and what benefits they have in assisting them with cost.

The repositioning of patients has gained evidence as being effective in reducing mechanical pressure in patients’ skin and underlying tissue (Cortes et al., 2021). Many devices are on the market to assist in repositioning patients and reducing the risk of shear injury. These devices include wedges, draw sheets, and pillows. This project will help patients in the proper use of repositioning devices and assist in determining benefits to assist with the cost of the products. Although, pillows are a relatively inexpensive and effective way to reposition a patient.

Malnourished patients are at high risk for skin breakdown. There is evidence to support the fact that adequate nutrition aids in wound healing (Stechmiller, 2010). Within this program, patients and caregivers will be educated on proper protein intake and other supplements that will aid in wound healing.

To evaluate the capstone project, follow-up with patients and caregivers will need to be done to evaluate effectiveness of teaching and success of preventing/healing pressure injuries.

DISCUSSION POST # 2 Reply to Talia

The research inquiry proposing every school employ a full-time on-site nurse to provide interventions and management for diabetes management relates to evidence-based practice closer monitoring and preventative services would be more available to students with chronic health conditions. By employing nurses in every school versus having a nurse oversee several schools with an overwhelming case load, nurses can offer the student population with diabetes closer monitoring, preventative services, and education (pawils et al., 2023). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2021) highlights research showing that students are better equipped for learning when they feel safe and are healthy, and school nurses play an important role in the health of students and are particularly important for students with chronic health conditions like diabetes.


Using the PICOT format, the population is school aged children with diabetes. The intervention is involvement of school nurses in the management and care of children with diabetes compared to schools with no nurses or nurses overseeing multiple campuses and are not always available on site. The outcome I seek is a greater opportunity for educational opportunities, collaboration with children, parents, and school personnel to ensure diabetes care is fully integrated into the school day resulting in improved glycemic control, confidence with self-management, and overall quality of life. This problem is amenable to a research-based intervention based on the amount of current data available and the need for additional research showing how school nurses improve the health and educational performance of students (An et al., 2022).


The outcome measures evaluate the objectives by providing glucose data derived from parent reported lab results, common themes, and overall satisfaction ratings from interviews that will be analyzed by researchers for interpretation according to set protocols. Online surveys and interview questionnaires will be employed to make the process accessible and easy to administer. Evaluation of the evidence will be conducted throughout the evidence-based practice project implementation and well after to ensure sustainability.


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